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EcoFlow RiverBag

Brand: Ecoflow SKU: EFRB-50024103-INT

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Product Code:EFRB-50024103-INT

Price: 12.000 KD 12.000 KD 12.0 KWD

12.000 KD

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    Add-on battery double total capacity to 7200Wh.
    Connect two of them to DELTA Pro for a staggering 10.8kWh to use off-grid.
    Versatile Charging Options with Multiple USB & DC Ports.
    Recharging from solar panels, AC outlets, EV charging stations, or our Smart Generator
    Extra Battery can be integrated into your home’s wiring.
    Check the battery’s status anywhere Via the EcoFlow app.
    MultiCharge to reach a 6500W charge speed

    1. Portable Design
    2. Compatible with RIVER Series.

    1. IP54 Water & dust resistance
    2. Two Ways to Carry via Handheld or shoulder-shoulder

    1. Protecting it from water, debris & damage while on the move.
    2. Easy to Carry Strap

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